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Desserts and Drinks that will Blow Your Mind

The fried clams are also worth a try. The industry strength breading is just right and perfectly brings out the clam’s flavor. The meal features a unique fennel garnish with portions of skinned grapefruit, communicating the food’s well-thought-out intention.

If the dishes above do not leave you feeling like dining at the Broken Record is the best decision that you’ve made in recent history, the dessert certainly will. The dessert at the Broken Record is something that’s definitely worth a try, so don’t get stuffed by the meals despite how tempting it might be. One of the selections on the dessert menu is the waffle with ice cream, which is a really nice way to climax your dining experience at the Broken Record. The Toho Brownie, featuring a gooey, warm delight with vanilla ice cream topping, is good enough to steal your heart. Once you put your spoon into a bowl containing this dessert selection, you will not want to do anything else until you are done.

The establishment’s bar features around five beers on tap, as well as a fine selection of whiskey if you prefer. Therefore, if you’re looking for something off the beaten path and unique, or you would just like to indulge in a generous amount of bacon, a visit to the Broken Record is something worth considering.

So does the Broken Record offer great value for money? Indeed, especially when you consider the quality and quantity of meals.

The Broken Record offers a rare and delightful soul-food experience. You will most likely want to revisit the establishment for the food, and if not, then for the music, bar, and pool. The food and drinks are quite good, and the service staff is attentive and very hospitable. Their attitude towards customers is excellent, and they are quite knowledgeable about the dining options at Broken Record. There are always paper towels and soap in the restroom, which is a plus. Broken Record’s MO is self-service, meaning that you’ll have to make an order and pay for your meal at the counter. The Broken Record offers excellent value for money with its quality and generous meals and drinks. Some of the must-tries include the crispy broccoli featuring deep-fried fresh broccoli with red pepper flakes and grated parmesan cheese toppings, the duck confit potato skins featuring duck confit, scallions, buttered truffle, Gruyere cheese, and ranch dressing, and the bacon burger. However, do not get too stuffed for the dessert. Among the dessert selections, the Toho brownie and waffle with ice cream are worthy choices. The establishment also features a bar with five tap beers and a fine selection of whiskey. Overall, you can expect a satisfying experience on your trip to the Broken Record.